Advance science

Body donation

Before they pass away some people wonder what they body might be useful to after their death. Therefore they decide to donate their body to science. This way it will be used for research but also by medecine students. Each body will be respectfully studied in order to discover more and more elements essential to scientific progress.

In order to donate your body you must express your will in a hand-written document dated and signed clearly without confusion possible. This document will be made twice. You will keep one to yourself and send the second one to a university of your choice (ULBUCLUlgUMHUNamur).

Please download the file.

Donating your body will neither cost you anything nor give your money in return. Funeral service is the only thing to be paid. A death insurance will cover as much as for ordinary funeral in accordance with the contract.

Body donation can be refused in case of :
- Death abroad
- The deceased was carrying a transmittable infection (AIDS, hepatitis, ...)
- Autopsy carried out on the body or body requesitioned by Public Prosecutor's department
- Saturation point of labo fitting
- Delay exceedance after death (48 to 72 hrs) making the body conservation impossible.
  Organ donation and body donation to science are both compatible. For more information please contact the university you have selected.