To save lives

Organ donation

Removal authorisation

In case of death the only conditions upon which the doctor is not allowed to remove organs are that the dead person had not been registered in the registers of Births Marriages and Deaths or in the register of foreigners for at least 6 months or the deceased or one of their direct heirs have not clearly opposed to it.
In case of lack of information the close relatives will have to give their agreement. When the doctor has the question à decision has to be made, which can sometimes be very difficult. The best thing to do is express your will in writing.
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How to oppose ?

The opposition to organ donation can be made :
- At the civil service where you live by clearly expressing your refusal
- By means of a statement agreed by a solicitor
- By mentioning (either yourself, your husband or wife or again one of your direct heirs) your refusal to your doctor.